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Don't miss another IRC message! Get your IRC BNC today and keep up with the conversation. Use our pre-configured IRC Client to get started instantly!


  • 100% Free BNC
  • We don't limit your number of channels (the network might though)
  • Works on most IRC networks
  • Customize your BNC experience with our Control Panel
  • Many modules including but not limited to Auto-Away, Auto-Auth, and Keep Nick
  • Pre-Configured Cloud IRC client for logging into your BNC on the go, or easy use of your BNC


We currently have __#__ users spread across __SVRS__, using a total of __IPS__ IPV4 and __IPS__ IPV6.

Denied Networks

   The following networks cannot be connected to by BNC Host:
  • Blah-IRC (Glined IPs)
  • IllegalIRC (Illegal Network
  • Blah IRC (Won't Work with Us)
  • dab IRC (Too epic for words)